Games, how they work, and how they should work

Hello, and welcome to my game-centred blog!

Now, you may have found this because you know me and I’ve pestered you into reading it. If you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Mike. I live in the quiet south England town of Blandford Forum. I’m a gamer through and through but I go beyond obsessive constant gaming and enjoy creating my own content for games (mainly Team Fortress 2) so I can eventually break into the games industry. <shamelessplug> For example, I contributed to this </shamlessplug>. *ahem* moving on…

So, what am I doing writing a blog? Well, although I love games, I can’t stop seeing strange and frustrating things going on beneath the surface of some of the worlds favourite games (not mentioning any names. Yet.) and it really grinds me gears. I’m not here to change the world, I’m here to vent rage from my system and maybe come up with some ideas on solutions to the most persistent problems. To my friends who are still reading at this point, I also hope to teach you guys what the hell I’m talking about when I ramble on LODs, view models and “proper” optimisation.

For now, you will all have to wait a week for my first and highly educational blog post covering games (maybe sooner, we shall see). I’m still playing around with the site so don’t get overly attached to it right now.

Until then, farewell!


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